Big Dark Spot is a small, yet prolific entertainment technology company.  We've been providing sound and lighting for Seattle area events for years. 

We're still working on this web page, as we're lighting designers, not web designers, but we have just added a photo gallery showing some of our work.  Please click on the link at the left to see some of our handywork.

Services offered by Big Dark Spot include the following:

Lighting:  We can design the light plot, hang, and operate lights for any type of event, including corporate parties, meetings, dances, theatrical performances, concerts, weddings, or just about anything else you can imagine.
Sound:  We'll provide a sound system, and operators for any live or recorded music event, meeting, or anything else you may need sound reinforcement for.
Recording: Got a band?  Need a recording engineer, mixdown, or mastering?  We can help you out.
Music Production: Need a custom, royalty-free score for a video production.  This is also something we can do.
Repair: We repair all types of entertainment lighting and sound equipment.  Turntables, power amplifiers, moving lights, dimmers...
Sales and Installation: Opening a new nightclub, or need some special lighting for merchandising at your retail store?  Give us a call...